Measurable Results

The Nexus will help event organizers produce better results, using the data they already have.

  • Create a clean, updated and synchronized data set for accurate analytics and strategic planning
  • Deliver a personalized experience for each person and track their journey from registration => to attendance => to return visit
  • Expand your marketing base through integrated exhibitor invites and social media marketing
  • Create the ROI that exhibitors demand
  • Reduce your staff burdens with lower marketing costs

What Makes Us Different

Event organizers use many technology solutions. The Nexus connects these data sources. Here is what makes the Nexus Data Integration Platform different.

  • Nexus data cleaning and synchronization will produce the best and most accurate data. Accurate synchronization requires much more than simply matching on unique email and names.
  • Nexus Data Group will set up dynamic data integrations with all available data sources / vendors. Accurate integrations require much more than the mapping of common data field names.
  • The Nexus Data Integration Platform is constantly being updated. Harness the power of accurate real-time data to deliver personalized dynamic marketing, use predictive analytics and increase ROI & profits.

Are you ready to find new solutions hidden in your old data?

Nexus is what brings it all together…



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