We Get It!

For most people, the topic of dynamic data integration is not exciting and sounds like a bunch of new work for people that are already very busy. The Nexus Data Group makes setup and implementation of The Nexus very easy. Typically, organizers simply provide their historic data sets and an introduction to current vendors. The Nexus teams does the work from there.

A few words from Nexus clients:


We presented Nexus with a real cleanup challenge to takes years of accumulated data and convert it to an actionable marketing database. Their team did a great job, produced quick results and set up a real-time integration with our AMS system. Our marketing staff has enjoyed using The Nexus marketing system over the past few shows to produce attendance growth.

Brian Casey, Executive Director

Nexus Data produced our most accurate and complete integration of historic registration data. We are now using The Nexus for our upcoming Expo and have added more data lists from our partners. The real-time integrations with our registration vendor and social media are helping us drive personalized marketing and increased registration. The Nexus team has been very responsive and believes in customer service.

Nath Morris, Executive Vice President

For more than 20 years in the events industry I have been searching for an accurate way to combine siloed data. The Nexus produced an amazing unified data platform from over 40 data sets that we will now use for strategic marketing. The dynamic integration between our floorplan vendor, registration, social media and website activity will keep all of our data current and actionable. Thanks for the great work.

Chuck Cross, Managing Director

“Working with the Nexus Data team has been great. They understand our data needs and quickly set up daily updating with our member database. The Nexus makes it so much easier for me to send out all sorts of marketing messages and gather new information. Thanks for the support.”

- Carrie Dillon

International Textile Alliance