Registration and Attendance Data Synchronization

CHALLENGE: Combine the last four years of pre-registration and on-site attendance data to prepare accurate data for analytics and strategic marketing.


  • Create new country data to support international marketing
  • Accurately combine each individual’s data from different years, even though there may have been changes to names, addresses and the data was inconsistent between years
  • Prepare data to analyze which registrants attend and return as compared to others who miss the show or do not return
  • Deliver accurate segmented marketing lists


  • Data cleaning
  • Nexus system customization
  • Data synchronization


  • The number of individuals reduced by 18.2%
  • 100% received country address, increasing visiting countries from 74 to 88
  • Data analytics demonstrated:
    • Who attended and who missed the show
    • Prior registrants who returned and who didn’t
    • Desired products and reasons for attending
  • Segmented marketing lists with verified email addresses

“The Nexus data synchronization process produced great results for NAMM. For years we have been trying to create an accurate data set that is searchable in every way. Nexus Data Group did this in days.”

Andy Tompkins, Director of Marketing
National Association of Music Merchants