Case Study

Deliver a Better Attendee Experience

Client Challenges

Make it easier for ASD registrants to preview almost 3,000 exhibitors and find great products

Show Emerald which segments and exhibitors are having a successful show


Nexus Solutions & Results

Integrated data from floorplan vendor (core-apps) and registration vendor (experient)

Over 78% of exhibitor profiles were improved to include accurate description, logo, categories, website and social media links

Created and delivered a web app Personal Guide to each ASD registrant

Produced dynamic reports to demonstrate category and individual exhibitor success

This all looks great. I cannot wait to see the open rates and usage rates ESPECIALLY on the attendee side as we have had a very hard time getting engagement… Let’s do this!”

Camille Candella,
ASD Market Week

Personal Guide use was double the combined use of the mobile app and floorplan locator

Attendee Comments

It was great that I didn’t have to go to the App Store to find the mobile app. My ASD Personal Guide was delivered to me and already knew the categories that matched my needs.

The new Personal Guide is great! In one search, I was able to find all exhibitors matching my needs. I clicked the ones I liked and removed the rest. It’s so easy to use.

I love that I can use my Guide on my computer, tablet or phone. There are a lot of exhibitors to review and my Guide remembers where I left off. This will save me a LOT of time in Vegas!