Marketing List Cleaning

CHALLENGE: Combine the last three years of registration data from different vendors to produce one marketing list with the most accurate information


  • Accurately combine each individual’s data from different shows, even though there may have been changes in name or addresses fields
  • Find the best email and mailing address for individuals who attend as the guest of an exhibitor
  • Prepare an updated marketing list


  • Data cleaning
  • Data synchronization


  • Data cleaning of 43,000+ individuals:
    • 9,500+ duplicate or incorrect addresses removed
    • 15,000+ verified emails
    • 3,500+ invalid emails removed
    • Corrupted data cleaned and fixed
  • New contacts were added to registration marketing
  • As individuals registered, they were automatically removed from prospect list

“For a show that runs every two years, it has always been a challenge to maintain updated marketing lists. The challenge is further complicated by the large number of visitors that come to the show as guests of exhibitors. Your data synchronization saved us a lot of money and kept the best contact information for future marketing.”

John Riddle, Manager
The Clean Show